Bottle Bash: The Ultimate Outdoor Game Set for Unforgettable Family Fun

Looking for a game that will bring endless hours of fun and excitement to your outdoor gatherings? Look no further than the Bottle Bash Outdoor Flying Disc Game Set! Whether you’re in your backyard, at the beach, camping, tailgating, or even at college quad competitions, this game is perfect for players of all ages. Let’s dive into the details of this exhilarating game that will surely spark the desire to own one for yourself.

Unmatched Versatility and Entertainment: Bottle Bash offers a versatile gaming experience that can be enjoyed by the entire family. Your backyard will transform into a thrilling competition arena where every throw and catch will bring laughter and friendly competition. Take it to the beach, and the soft sand becomes the perfect surface for diving catches and epic battles. Going on a camping trip? Bottle Bash guarantees hours of entertainment and bonding time around the campfire. With endless possibilities, the only limit is your imagination!

Easy Set-Up and Portability: Setting up Bottle Bash is a breeze, allowing you to start playing within seconds. Simply snap the lightweight aluminum poles together, stake them securely into the ground, place the durable plastic bottles on top, and you’re ready to go. This game is designed to collapse quickly into a convenient carry bag, making it incredibly portable and ideal for on-the-go excitement. Take it to picnics, family reunions, or even to your neighbor’s house – Bottle Bash is the perfect game to bring along anywhere!

Gameplay and Scoring: Bottle Bash is played in teams of two, where players take turns throwing the 175g frisbee in an attempt to knock the bottle off their opponents’ pole. With each successful throw, the throwing team earns points if their opponent drops the bottle or disc. The game is scored to 21 points, ensuring plenty of thrilling moments and intense battles. The winning team will relish in the glory of victory while creating memories that will last a lifetime.

High-Quality Components: When you invest in Bottle Bash, you’re investing in the original premium quality game. The set includes two telescoping aluminum poles complete with ground spikes and a built-in scoring system for easy scorekeeping. The durable plastic bottles are perfectly weighted and balanced, simulating the feel of glass bottles without the risk of breakage. The 175g frisbee is designed for a soft touch, providing both accuracy and comfort during gameplay. The set also comes with a convenient carry bag to keep all your equipment organized and ready for action, ensuring years of enjoyment.

Enhance Your Bottle Bash Experience: To take your Bottle Bash game to the next level, consider adding some exciting accessories. The LED Kit includes light-up bottles and frisbee that illuminate the game during nighttime play, adding a captivating visual element. The USA Kit lets you display your patriotic spirit with American flag-themed bottles and frisbee. With multi-surface bases, you can play Bottle Bash indoors or on pavement. For a unique and softer throwing experience, the super-soft Limp Disc is the perfect addition.

Bottle Bash Game is not just a game – it’s an investment in quality time, fun, and unforgettable experiences with your loved ones. Whether you’re seeking a competitive edge or simply a way to unwind with friends and family, this game is the ideal choice. Grab your Bottle Bash set and get ready to make lasting memories while enjoying the great outdoors. Don’t settle for imitations – choose the original Bottle Bash for guaranteed satisfaction!






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