A Boost of Essential Calcium for Your Laying Hens: Manna Pro Crushed Oyster Shell

When it comes to ensuring the health and productivity of your laying hens, providing them with a good source of calcium is crucial. That’s where Manna Pro Crushed Oyster Shell comes in. Our specially crafted calcium supplement is designed to meet the needs of all laying poultry, from backyard flocks to commercial farms. With a blend of crushed oyster shells and coral calcium, our product is the perfect addition to your chicken feed.

One of the key benefits of our crushed oyster shells is that they provide a high-quality source of easily digestible calcium. This is essential for proper eggshell formation, resulting in stronger and healthier eggs. Not only will your hens benefit from the added calcium, but your overall flock health will improve as well.

The quality and purity of our crushed oyster shells is our top priority. That’s why we take the extra step of heat treating them to ensure maximum purity and cleanliness. Our oyster shells are free from harmful contaminants, bacteria, and pathogens, making them safe for your poultry to consume.

You can trust that our crushed oyster shells are made right here in the USA. We take pride in using only the finest ingredients and manufacturing processes. By choosing our product, you are not only supporting domestic production but also providing your birds with a high-quality calcium supplement that they deserve.

So why wait? Give your laying hens the boost they need with Manna Pro Crushed Oyster Shell. Your flock will thank you with healthier, stronger eggshells, and you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you’ve provided them with a reliable source of essential nutrients. Don’t settle for anything less than the best for your poultry. Trust Manna Pro and see the difference it makes.






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